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Who Are We?​

A Team of Reliable Machinery Professionals for construction and mining Needs.​

Desong Co., Ltd. has 17 senior engineers, 29 technicians and 150 technicians. It mainly produces professional construction machinery, road machinery, mining equipment, garden machinery, etc., as well as high-tech advanced mine construction for construction and processing companies.

Product Categories

Track dismantling machine Pin remover (2)

Engineering machinery 

Including line boring / hole boring / cylinder boring machine,Boring and welding machine in one,Track dismantling machine….

Concrete Secondary structure pump (1)

Construction machinery

Including Concrete Secondary structure pump,Rendering Machines,Cement mortar spraying machine,GRC spraying machine

Excavator dozer accessories

Including Crawler,excavator bucket and other parts

Cone tube machine Taper equipment (1)

Pipe processing machinery

Including Cone tube machine/ Taper equipment,Pipe shrinking machine

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