Numerical control boring and welding machine in one

The whole car can be boring, one person can quickly position, operation. Large arm, cylinder base can be directly boring and welding, easy installation, efficient and fast

Product Parameter

Motor power 3.2kw.
Servo system, stepless speed regulation
The voltage is 220v, 50/60Hz
Reducer, precision maintenance free.
Boring range :55-260mm
Boring stroke :260mm
Spindle speed :0-200r/min
Motor speed regulation: stepless speed regulation
Feeding mode: hand self – integration
Boring rod diameter :∮50mm
Single-side knife :5mm
Processing roundness :0.02mm
Finish :3.2
Installation mode: welding and fixing (customized tooling)
Single welding thickness :3mm
Welding range :38-300mm
Welding wire diameter :∮1.0/1.2mm
Machine weight :150kg