Cone tube machine/ Taper equipment

Parameter (More models available)

Maximum shrinkage capacity: 50mm

Maximum processing shrinkage tube thickness: 0.7-2.0mm

Mold length: 400mm

Spindle motor power: 4.0KW

Spindle speed: 248rpm/min

Voltage: 380 v / 50 hz

Molding time: 7-30 seconds

Weight: 1250kg

Size: 1250*1000*1340mm

Product Introduction:

The pipe shrink machine is used to process metal pipes for conical pipes, with manual automatic options, with low noise, easy to operate. High output, stable performance and other characteristics, workpiece forming time is short, high efficiency, smooth processing surface, workpiece without scars. The machine abrasive replacement is simple, in the corresponding abrasive with different shapes of metal pipes can be processed to meet different needs. Suitable for automobile, furniture lighting, bicycle, casting small pipe taper molding processing.