Pipe shrinking machine

Product brief introduction
This product adopts low-voltage control circuit, safe and reliable, foot switch, easy to use, strong hydraulic power stability, can be any square pipe, round pipe diameter reduction. Widely used in greenhouse construction, carport manufacturing, and other industrial scope. Special sizes can be ordered by sample.
The equipment is small in size and occupies a small area, and can be moved at will following the construction site.
High compression precision, not prone to fracture.

Technical Specification

Machining diameter range: 6-102mm(Model optional)

Number of molds: 16 sets

Abrasive tool number: Transition grinding tool:

Compression accuracy: 0.01mm (maximum inner diameter 102, two layers, minimum inner diameter 6, one layer)

Displacement: 10 liters

System pressure: 31.5 mpa

Power: 4 kW

Voltage: 220V 380V Optional

Buckle pressure: 1000 tons

Clamping efficiency: 200 rods/hour

Overall dimensions: 850*530*980 mm

Package size: 910*590*1210 mm

Net weight: 510 kg

Gross weight: 520 kg

Max opening: 180mm

Open mouth expansion: plus or minus 30mm

Head diameter: 440mm