Line boring / hole boring / cylinder boring machine

Construction machinery boring machine is mainly a kind of field processing equipment for the field maintenance of construction machinery. It is mainly used for the processing and repair of small and medium-sized pipe and shaft pin holes. It is a common tool in the construction machinery maintenance industry. Widely used in all kinds of construction machinery on the shaft pin hole, rotary hole, main arm connecting hole, ring hole processing and repair after welding. Processing and repair of concentric holes and multi-row holes on excavators, loaders, cranes, crawler cranes and large Marine cranes, and a positioning installation, can ensure the concentricity of multiple holes.

Product Parameter

Motor power: DC 220v, 1.5KW, continuously variable speed (0–180 RPM).
Feed box: stepless speed regulation, automatic feed.
Cutting motor: 220V, 120w stepless speed regulation
Boring range: diameter 45㎜-200㎜ (support customization)
Boring bar specifications: 40mm*1500mm (can be customized according to customer requirements)
Boring bar material: 45#.
Boring bar processing technology: conditioning, car, quenching, grinding, surface hard chromium plating.
Feed guide rail: double cylindrical guide rail (45# steel, tempering, turning, quenching, grinding, chrome plating).
Cutting feed: minimum 0.10 mm/revolution.
Maximum cutting quantity: unilateral 2㎜.
Working travel: 300㎜ (can be customized according to customer requirements).
Weight: 70㎏.
Positioning cone sleeve: Aperture 40 mm, 4 pieces.
Aligning support frame: 1 set (2 before and after).
Tool rest: 1 set (machining aperture 90-130mm1, 130-180mm1).
Cutting tools: 4 (W1 two 2, high speed steel 2).
Hex wrench: 1 set.
10 “adjustable wrench: 1.
Top wire: M8* 10mm4pcs, M8* 25mm4pcs.
Axle bolt: M10*65mm1 each.
Packing box: 2 (host 1, boring tool bar 1).
Data: 1 set (instruction manual and qualification certificate)