Track dismantling machine /Pin remover

Parameter: Manual reversing pump maximum hand force: 50Kg Working pressure: high pressure 0-63mpa low pressure 4Mpa Working flow: high pressure flow 7ml/ time low pressure flow 50ml/ time Tank capacity (L):13L Medium: 46# hydraulic oil DBS1.2 electric pump Motor power: 1.5KW 220V or 380V Working pressure: 0-63mpa Working flow: 1.2L/min Tank capacity (L):16L Medium: 46# hydraulic oil Hydraulic cylinder thrust 120T, 160T stroke,200mm

Model QK120T/160T/200T track pin disassembly machine, using the principle of hydraulic energy into mechanical energy, the implementation of track pin disassembly tool of track excavator.Track pin dismounting machine is a multifunctional maintenance equipment for construction machinery.The chain press produced by our company is suitable for the chain disassembly and assembly of all kinds of caterpillar construction machinery and all kinds of shaft sleeve.It is an essential equipment for construction machinery maintenance enterprises.Portable chain disassembly machine adopts two-way hydraulic device, the chain press reduces the oil path, easy maintenance.Not only suitable for use in the factory, but also anytime and anywhere to the site, field work.Easy to use, dexterous operation, the model is divided into electric and manual two, users can choose according to their own actual situation.