Sleeve press/Press sleeve machine

DS-70T portable sleeve press is a combination of hollow cylinder, lead screw, trapezoidal tooling, rotating fixed disc and hydraulic pump station, using the principle of hydraulic energy into mechanical energy, the steel sleeve of crawler excavator is a special tool for pressing.
With our products SYB-2B-S large flow manual reversing pump (suitable for field work), electric pump (220V, 380V) as the power source to make the hydraulic cylinder move forward quickly, so as to smoothly press the steel sleeve into. An alternative to manual hammering. Ensure that the steel sleeve is intact and not damaged. It is the ideal special tool for track excavator maintenance and assembly.

Product Parameter

Cylinder stroke: 100㎜
Cylinder thrust: 70T
Cylinder diameter: 50mm
Press sleeve range: 60-120 mm(other parameters can be customized)

SYB-2S manual oil pump
Working pressure (MPa) : high pressure :63 Low pressure :1
Maximum displacement (ml/ time): High pressure :2.3 Low pressure :12.5
Tank capacity (L):3L Medium: 46# hydraulic oil

SYB-2S-B large displacement manual reversing oil pump
Maximum hand force of manual reversing pump: 50Kg
Working pressure: High pressure 0-63Mpa Low pressure 4Mpa
Working flow: high pressure flow 7ml/ time low pressure flow 50ml/ time
Tank capacity (L):13L Medium: 46# hydraulic oil

DBS1.2 Electric pump
Motor power: 1.5KW 220V or 380V
Working pressure: 0-63Mpa Working flow: 1.2L/min
Tank capacity (L):16L Medium: 46# hydraulic oil