Pipe beveling cutting machine

Pipe bevel machine is used in pipeline installation engineering, electric power construction, chemical industry, refrigeration industry, shipbuilding industry, petrochemical engineering, environmental engineering, water conservancy engineering, natural gas installation engineering, boiler, refrigeration and other industries.

The whole machine adopts “Y” font structure design, small radial space, light weight, easy to carry, safe and reliable use.

Electric mode: High performance carbon brush motor drive, voltage 220V, frequency 50-60Hz, power 0.5-2.5kw

Pneumatic mode: Driven by air motor, air working pressure 0.6-1.5MPa, air consumption 1000-1500L/min, the whole machine consists of: motor, rotary tool holder, tool, tensioning block (multiple groups). Standard tool (0 degrees /15 degrees /30 degrees /37 degrees each, can order 45 degrees tool) factory with tools, instructions, certificate, warranty card, etc.