Automatic Rendering Machines

Machine characteristics
1. A new generation of CNC automatic vertical positioning system, without punching, high precision, fast speed, one person can operate positioning, conducive to the vertical flatness of the wall;
2. The use of rack and pinion rise and fall mode, stable operation, low failure rate, can effectively solve the problem caused by poor wall flatness machine fall stuck machine;
3. The plaster plate is made of high strength manganese steel plate CNC cutting processing, the surface plating hard low treatment, no rust, no deformation, high toughness, long life;
4. The new generation of low voltage 24V high frequency DC brushless motor is adopted at the rear of the plastering board, which is safe and efficient, and has strong vibration force, which can effectively reduce the occurrence of wall empty drum and cracking phenomenon;
5. Using panel and remote control dual control mode, in a variety of complex conditions can be convenient and fast operation.

Technical specification

Product model 1000
The width of the plaster plate is 1000mm
Plaster height 2.6-3.5m
Plaster thickness of 5-30m
Plastering speed 400 square /8h
Voltage 220 v / 380 v
Motor power 2kW
Mortar ratio 1:3
Alignment device automatically leveling
Fixed hydraulic system
Host size 1000*650*500mm
Weight 140 kg
Climbing gear
The packaging size of the main machine is 1350*900*800mm
Pole packaging size 2450*320*450mm
The total weight after packaging is 350kg