Rendering Machines

Product introduction

This machine is used for plastering the interior walls of residential buildings and office buildings. The walls that can be erased are: cement wall, brick wall, hollow wall, light body brick wall, free brick wall, etc. Applicable ash; White sand ash, stone powder, cement ash, foam mortar, dry powder sand slurry, gypsum, etc. Plastering thickness below 3cm, plastering height below 5m can be used.

Model: 800 wall eraserModel . 1000 wall eraser
Wall width: 800mmWall width: 1000mm
Wall height: 3mWall height: 3m
Plastering efficiency: 500m2Wall painting efficiency: 600m2
Overall size: 800*650*680mmWall size: 1000*650*680mm
Rated voltage: 220vRated voltage: 220v
Machine weight: 130kgMachine weight: 140kg

1. Manganese steel wipe
Plastering board using manganese steel panel, no rust, no deformation, no oxidation, good rigidity, long life
2. Rack drive – more stable lift.
Using the way of rack rise and fall, smooth operation and low failure rate, wiping out the wall effect is much higher than the old wire rope wall plastering machine.
3. Insert and remove the vertical rod.
The use of the vertical rod is more convenient for different heights, free docking according to the height, the vertical rod can be used when inserted, and the vertical rod can be transported when removed.
4. Vibration motor — using Putian vibration motor
The rear of the wipe board adopts Putian stainless steel high-frequency vibration motor to achieve vibration compaction, vibration scraping, so that the film out of the wall without cracks and other phenomena.
5. Remote manual
Remote control and manual dual configuration to operate the machine lift, more convenient operation.
6. Packing in wooden cases
Fully enclosed wooden case packing to ensure the safety of transportation.