Cement mortar spraying machine

The cement mortar spraying machine is a multi-functional large-discharge mortar spraying machine, which is upgraded and manufactured by the introduction of German technology. It has the functions of pumping, bonding and spraying. Suitable for the construction of ready-mixed mortar with different characteristics and different uses; Modular structure; With selection control adjustment function, to achieve different pressure, displacement and spraying speed; Equipped with pressure protection mechanism to meet the needs of remote control operation.

Technical Specification

Delivery pressure: 3MPa,

Voltage: 380V/220V,

Transmission height: horizontal transmission of 30 meters, vertical height of 20 meters, through the particle 6mm,

Flow rate: 120 square meters per hour,

Water: ash: sand ratio: 0.7~1:1:3,

Hopper volume: 50L,

Machine weight: 190KG,

Supporting air compressor 0.26, supporting nozzle 32mm diameter,

Main motor power: 4KW, air compressor power: 2.2KW

External size: 1600×500×1200mm

Product features:
(1) The universal wheel structure makes the movement more convenient.
(2) straight-through rotor type unbonded material cavity, smooth discharge, efficient and time-saving.
(3) Four-point elastic compensation compaction, good sealing effect, less dust near the machine, long life of wearing parts.
(4) The use of low-pressure high-speed vortex air transport to overcome the problems of bonding, tube blocking and pulse breaking in material transport, uniform material flow, continuous and stable.
(5) New nozzle, discharge elbow device, improve the spraying effect, less rebound, spray layer quality is high.
(6) The use of new anti-sticking cavity and discharge elbow, making cleaning more concise.
(7) The use of high-quality wear-resistant lining board and high-quality rubber board, the service life is greatly improved.