Concrete Secondary structure pump

Performance characteristics
1. The distribution valve in the form of S tube can meet the pumping of small aggregate concrete and mortar
2, the main oil pump adopts deformation piston pump, high efficiency, strong pressure.
3, the hydraulic system adopts independent three-loop control, high reliability
4, glasses plate and cutting ring with sound quality and gold, wear resistant, long life
5, the pumping mechanism adopts double cylinder piston type, advanced performance and good continuity.

The new oblique secondary structural column pump is a small concrete pump with compound pumping requirements. It is continuously transported to the large particle and fine stone concrete conveying equipment at the pouring site through horizontal or vertical installation pipes. Widely used in secondary structural column filling, floor heating engineering, roofing, high-rise building wall, reservoir, hydropower station, port, dock, foundation treatment, weak foundation, reinforcement grouting, tunnel, subway, mine construction backfill grouting bolt support.