GRC spraying machine

Our company’s new GRC grouting machine is mainly used for GRC European components (cement mortar mixed glass fiber short-cut combined spraying), indoor and external wall decoration spraying (putty powder, latex paint, real stone paint, etc.), fireproof and waterproof materials spraying, insulation materials spraying, relief crafts coating spraying, as well as small villas, clubs, Bridges, rockery, dam, river guardrail spraying.

The inclined screw pump is composed of dual-phase high-wear-resistant stainless steel rotor and polytetrafluororubber stator. The pump feed uniform, no obvious pulse, for the machine spray GRC product ratio uniform, product unity is good.

Technical Specification


Product name GRC-Y90 screw GRC Shotcrete Machine Remarks
Power supply 380v

Frequency 50hz
Power 3kw stepless speed regulating motor
Speed 20-200r/min Speed regulation when the machine is running
Working area 4.5 m (horizontal swivel radius)
Conveying capacity 300-1600kg/h
Capacity 60L
Working air pressure 0.6-0.8mpa
Production efficiency 200-400㎡/h
Device size 1400*1000*2200mm
Equipment weight 220kg


Main motor power: 2.2kw
Mixing shaft speed: 0-960r/min
Mixing shaft stroke: 10-1000mm
Blade diameter: 150-350mm
Other parameters are customized according to customer requirements